Happy Birthday, Mr. Paullin!
Dale Paullin (b: July 30, 1923)

It’s a Small World (1950). Directed by William Castle.

Starring Dale Paullin (as Paul Dale), Lorraine Miller, Will Geer, Steve Brodie, Todd Karns, Nina Koshetz, Margaret Field, Shirley Mills, and Anne Sholter.

From the film’s foreword: “This is the story of a special group of people. It concerns the great difficulty they have in adjusting themselves to a normal world. It is hoped that by better understanding the lives of these people a greater and deeper knowledge of all humanity will come to us.”


*Thanks, Joey!

Look for my piece “It’s a Small World, Malcolm Shanks: Part 1” on August 2nd at MyKindofStory.com, as part of the William Castle Blogathon. Part 2 will include my interview with Mr. Paullin, which was conducted on July 26th, 2013.