Just some of the photos from #vupop14 - the talks are still available at, though no guarantees on how long that link’ll work.

The second to last picture is from Treasure Hunt - proving once again that the ancient times of the 1940s had sophisticated gameplaying technologies like gamebooks well before we thought they did. ;-)

The last picture is from Demian Katz’s dime novel/gamebook mashup, The Groom of the Tomb. It’s a choose your own adventure style book with 1880s-era nostalgia. The intro:

The year is 18—. You are Lancelot Darling, a young New Yorker of wealth and fashion. You are splendidly handsome and imposing, and your almost princely fortune precludes the need of work. Tomorrow is your wedding-day with Lily Lawrence, a girl young, gifted, lovely, and herself due to receive a splendid inheritance someday. You could not be happier – what greater joy is there than to live a life filled with love and free from responsibilities? What could possibly go wrong?

That’s how you do an opening paragraph. In print here.

I’ve got more photos! But they’ll have to wait.